Online Advertising

Advertising has moved much beyond the levels of print and point of contact advertising. Today one of the world’s most effective advertising techniques is online advertising. With the unparalleled rise in the World Wide Web, not only has it become one of the most targeted sections of advertising, but at the same time it is also the most cost effective advertising process in the world.Categories of online advertising could include such systems as banner ads, email marketing, advertising networks, online classified advertising and many other techniques. The procedures are simple, they are quick and the results are easily visible.The greatest benefit of online advertising is that it knows no time and space boundaries. It is visible to anyone at anytime and geographical boundaries are no longer applicable. Another great advantage is that they can be targeted to specific groups or a relevant audience. Certain keywords will bring up the advertisements on the requisite pages, thus ensuring that you catch the eyeballs of people who are looking for similar content.Google, due to its commanding position in the search engine world, is used as the benchmark for all advertising techniques and marketing strategies. If a company manages to do well with its Google advertising, then it is guaranteed that the same techniques will achieve good results on other search engines also.Google’s AdWords is one of the most basic systems of advertising on their search network. The AdWords reach only interested customers, since the ads pop-up only on relevant search pages. You can also reduce advertising costs tremendously since these are not very high priced ads. You can also alter them as and when needed, and judging from the evaluation charts you can make informed marketing decisions.Online advertising, especially banner advertising or ads on various sites should not be judged on the basis of the number of click throughs. An advertisement’s efficacy cannot be calculated according to the instantaneous results it generates. There is a great deal of recall value attached to ads, and similar to print media or TV advertisements, the results normally become evident only later. However what is essential is the placing of the advertisement, since the significance of the page it appears on is what determines the focus of the ad.Over 13.6 billion searches take place in one month in the US alone. Out of these 9 billion of those searches are on Google. Hence the importance of Google as the main advertising destination cannot be underplayed. Every SEM company worth its salt will target Google searches for optimization, and online advertising companies will target their ads towards the 9 billion searches every month. Thus Google promotion packages are an inherent segment of every advertising strategy. These include not only advertising on Google search engines, using the specialized techniques developed by Google, but also advertising on other classified advertisement networks and directory listing sites which are ranked high on the search engine lists.Online Advertising includes search engine marketing with Google AdWords, Yahoo SM and Microsoft Adcenter; it also includes buying banners from CPM ad networks as well as social media marketing.